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You would not be viewing this website right now without the exceptional efforts of Phil Getchell, who did a little bit of everything gratis. The DiCamillo Companion would be an unborn concept were it not for my mother, Betty DiCamillo, who believed in me and my project and enabled me to bring the vision to life. The fact that you can view The Database of Houses on the web is the result of the Herculean programming and non-stop talents of John Klick, Jr. Without the boundless genius and grace of Jeffrey Steward many features of The Database of Houses would be but a dream. The Database would not live in an electronic form today were it not for the hours that Sam Quigley gave to its development.  Mark Harland Johnson designed the logos, executed the artwork, and gave freely of his time and professional expertise. Much of the information in the Database I owe to the dedicated efforts of Dorothy Davila, who consistently entered complex and detailed facts and figures at the speed of light. David Littlejohn (author of The Fate of the English Country House) was unstinting in sharing his notes and time; he gave me an immense boost in the beginning when I needed it the most.  John Wilkes has been exceedingly generous in sharing much information about country houses and allowing me to use countless photos from his collection. Andrew Triggs is an endless resource of valuable and detailed information, which he generously shares on a regular basis.  Malcolm Rogers, a true country house connoisseur, has offered invaluable advice on countless subjects. Todd Gilman tirelessly edited much of the copy that appears on the site and has been THE resource for the phonetic pronunciations of house names.  Susan Walker has shared her time and lent me countless books.  Finally, I wish to remember Selma Lucas, who started me on my way when she gave me my first book on British country houses, Mark Girouard's Historic Houses of Britain.


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