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Architect Details
English Nicholas Hawksmoor

Full Title  
First Name   Nicholas
Middle Name(s)  
Last Name / Firm Name   Hawksmoor

Nationality   English
Birth Date   circa 1661
Death Date   1736
Circa Date  

Hawksmoor was trained by Christopher Wren in architectural design and history and worked with Vanbrugh. Vaughan Hart, writing in his book "Nicholas Hawksmoor: Rebuilding Ancient Wonders" (2002), refers to the unique signature Hawksmoor gave his "haunting buildings which still connect, as powerfully as any Picasso, with our innermost hopes and fears." Hawksmoor designed the towers of the west front of Westminster Abbey.

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May have worked with James on design of House, circa 1719
Triumphal Arch and other outbuildings. Green Drawing Room ceiling,
Temple of Venus (demolished), 1731-35
Pyramid, 1728
Mausoleum and Carrmirr Gate, 1729-36
It is unclear whether Hawksmoor designed the House or executed and altered original designs by William Talman, circa 1702
Either Hawksmoor or Wren may have designed the staircase (now in the Swan Hotel, Bedford), 1688
House w/Vanbrugh, circa 1685
Alterations for Lord Chancellor King, 1729
Finished House Joseph Gace,

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