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Architect Details
English John Vanbrugh

Title    Sir
Full Title  
First Name   John
Middle Name(s)  
Last Name / Firm Name   Vanbrugh

Nationality   English
Birth Date   1664
Death Date   1726
Circa Date  

Seat Delaval Hall is considered by many to be Vanbrugh's masterpiece. Grimsthorpe Castle was Vanbrugh’s last important work.

List of Houses

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House, Grand Bridge, 1705-22
Temple of the Four Winds, 1723-24
Obelisk, 1714
Pyramid Gate, 1719
House, 1699
Belvedere Temple, 1725-28
Advice to 1st Earl for remodelling of Cholmondeley Hall (demolished 1801), 1713
West Range, 1714
Began House for George Doddington, 1718
Rebuilt North Front for 1st Duke of Ancaster, 1722-26
Forecourt, 1729-30
House w/Hawksmoor, circa 1685
House for Sir Edward Southwell, 1710
Remodeled Entrance Front and altered Great Hall for 2nd Earl of Scarborough, 1722
House for Admiral George Delavel, 1720-28
Office Ranges, Orangery, 18th century
Additions to House, possibly including the North Portico, for 1st Viscount Cobham, circa 1719-24
Follies for 1st Viscount Cobham: Lake Pavilions, Rotonda, Temple of Bacchus (dem), Temple of Sleep (dem), Nelson's Seat (dem), Cold Bath (dem), Pyramid (dem), circa 1719-24
House for himself,
Church, replacing medieval church on the same site, circa 1718

Map of Houses

21 Related Houses - Browse these houses

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