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There are a number of institutions and organizations, primarily in Britain, that offer advanced degrees, general education, lectures, and tours on the study of country houses and the cognate arts.  We've provided links to some of them below.

If you know of an organization that would be appropriate to be listed here, drop up us an email.  Click Here to Email Us

The DiCamillo Companion, Ltd. is not affiliated with, nor receives any compensation from, any of the websites listed below.  This page is provided solely as a service to users of The DiCamillo Companion website.

Lectures from the
Ancient Monuments Society

The Ancient Monuments Society was founded in 1924 for the study and conservation
of ancient monuments, historic buildings, and fine old craftsmanship.

The Attingham Trust for the
Study of Country Houses and Collections Schools

The Attingham Trust offers a special insight into one of Britain's
greatest contributions to Western art: the country house,
together with its collections and landscape setting, as well as the
development of the royal palace in England. 

Three residential programs are organized by the Trust each year:
 ~Attingham Summer School
~Attingham Study Programme
~Attingham London House Course
~Royal Collection Studies

Lectures and Tours from
The Georgian Group

The Georgian Group campaigns against the neglect, maltreatment,
and destruction of Georgian buildings, parks, and gardens in England
and Wales. The Group also seeks to promote the enjoyment and understanding
of the Georgian heritage by an active program of education and publications.

Lectures and Tours from
Irish Georgian Society

The Irish Georgian Society encourages an interest in and
promotion of distinguished examples of architecture and
the allied arts of all periods in Ireland

Lectures from
The Royal Oak Foundation (in the USA)

Royal Oak is the American affiliate of The National Trust in England,
Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Lectures and Courses from
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings was founded by
William Morris in 1877 to counteract the highly destructive "
restoration" of medieval buildings being practiced by many Victorian
architects.  Today it is the largest, oldest, and most technically expert
national pressure group in Britain fighting to save old buildings from decay,
demolition, and damage.

The University of Buckingham
Masters in Decorative Arts & Historic Interiors

University of Leicester
The Country House MA/Postgraduate Diploma/Posgraduate Certificate

Newcastle University
Heritage Education and Interpretation MA

The University of York
Masters in Historic Landscape Studies

Lectures and Tours from
The Victorian Society

The Victorian Society is the national society responsible
for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian
architecture and other arts in Britain.

The Victorian Society in America
Summer Schools

Each year the Society operates Summer School programs in
Newport, Rhode Island, and London, England.  These programs provide
in-depth study of the multi-faceted architecture and culture of the 19th century.
The courses include lectures by leading experts, site visits, and guided tours.

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