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Movie / TV Titles Filmed at House

This field is used to search for a house, or houses, using movie or TV titles as the search tool.  Houses where filming has taken place will be identified with this logo:

Movie Filmed at House

The search engine will look for houses where filming took place (currently over 570 houses) that feature the movie or TV title you specify.  Movies often use multiple locations, e.g., if you search for "The Remains of the Day," you will retrieve the records of four houses where the movie used location filming, all of them used to depict Darlington Hall.  When the records are returned from your search you will need to click on the "History / Gardens & Park / Movies" section and then look in the "Movies" field to see the name(s) of the movie(s) and TV show(s) filmed at the house.  This field is particularly helpful if you don't know the name of a house, but saw it in a movie or TV program.

Please note that you should not use quotation marks around the movie title; this will cause the search engine to return with no results.  Enter the title in plain text, e.g., The Remains of the Day.

When searching in this field, please note that, though we always strive for consistency, there are inevitable slips.  For instance, when searching for a movie that has the word "and" in the title, it's best to search using both the "and" and the ampersand (&), e.g., "Sense and Sensibility" and "Sense & Sensibility."  As is always the case with any search, you give yourself the best possibility for a successful search by making the search criteria as broad as possible, e.g., typing "Sense" in the field will give you the same results.

We use the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) as the source of record for dates that we associate with movies and television programs in our Database of Houses.  For consistency, we have adopted the date that the Internet Movie Database uses directly after the title, e.g., "The Remains of the Day" (1993) as the date of record.  To view IMDb's listing of movies filmed at a house, use the IMDb Power Search (http://us.imdb.com/list), by entering the house name in the Location field. If a TV program is not listed in IMDb (common for one-off smaller UK documentaries made for TV), then the year should refer to when it is first broadcast (or viewed at a film festival) anywhere in the world (which may differ from the year show in the credits at the end of the program). For made-for-video titles, the year refers to the release or first sale date.

Please remember that this database is a work-in-progress and that many houses have yet to have movie and TV filming locations entered.  

Help us out and send an email if you know of a house that we don't have listed where filming has taken place. 
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