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The proper (British) pronunciation of over 115 country house names

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House Name

County or District
Aigas House A-gas ("A" rhymes with hay) Highlands
Alnwick Castle ANN-ick Northumberland
Althorp ALL-trup Northamptonshire
Anglesey Abbey ANG-uhl-see Cambridgeshire
Ardkinglas ard-KIN-glis Argyll & Bute
Arundel Castle ARR-n-dul West Sussex
Auchinleck House (Affleck) AWK-in-leck or af-FLECK Ayrshire
Balmoral Castle bal-MORR-ul Aberdeenshire
Bamburgh Castle BAM-bur-uh Northumberland
Barlaston Hall bar-lus-tun Staffordshire
Beaulieu (Palace House), Hampshire BYOO-lee Hampshire
Belvoir Castle BEE-vur Lincolnshire
Benacre Hall, Suffolk BEN-uh-kur Suffolk
Berkeley Castle BARK-LEE Gloucestershire
Blenheim Palace BLEN-um Oxfordshire
Boughton House, Northamptonshire BOW-tun (as in "take a bow") Northamptonshire
Bowood House (Bowood Park) BOW-WOOD (bow as in bow and arrow) Wiltshire
Brougham Hall (Brougham Castle) BROOM Cumbria
Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire BROT-un Oxfordshire
Browsholme Hall BROOS-um Lancashire
Brympton d'Evercy BRIMP-tun DEV-er-see Somerset
Bryngwyn House BRIN-GWIN Powys
Burghley House BUR-lee Lincolnshire
Bylaugh Hall (Bylaugh Park) BEE-la Norfolk
Bylaugh Old Hall BEE-la Norfolk
Carew Castle KEER-oo Pembrokeshire
Charlecote Park CHARL-cut Warwickshire
Chequers (Chequers Court) CHECK-urs Buckinghamshire
Chiswick House CHIZ-ick London
Cholmondeley Castle (Cholmondeley Hall) CHUM-lee Cheshire
Cirencester Abbey House SY-ren-SES-tur or SIS-es-tur Gloucestershire
Cirencester House (Oakley Grove) SY-ren-SES-tur or SIS-es-tur Gloucestershire
Corsham Court COR-shum Wiltshire
Cotehele House ca-TEAL Cornwall
Cothay Manor COT-HAY Somerset
Cottesbrooke Hall COT-iss-brook Northamptonshire
Craigievar Castle CRAIG-ee-VAR Aberdeenshire
Crathes Castle CRATH-iss Aberdeenshire
Culzean Castle ca-LANE South Ayrshire
Dalmeny House dall-MEN-ee Edinburgh
Deepdene (The Deepdene) DEEP-DEEN Surrey
Drumlanrig Castle drum-LAN-rig Dumfries & Galloway
Dumfries House dum-FREESE East Ayrshire
Dunvegan Castle dun-VAY-gun Highlands
Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire DEER-um South Gloucestershire
Eilean Donan Castle EE-lun DUN-un Highlands
Eltham Palace ELT-um London
Endsleigh House (Endsleigh Cottage) INZ-lee Devon
Erddig Park (Erthig) AIR-thig ("th" as in the) Wrexham
Floors Castle (Fleurs Castle) FLURS Scottish Borders
Folkington Manor FOW-ing-tun East Sussex
Fort Brecqhou bre-KOO Guernsey
Fyvie Castle FIE-vee Aberdeenshire
Glamis Castle GLAHMZ Angus
Glandyfi Castle GLAN-DOVEY Powys
Goodnestone Park GUNS-tun Kent
Grandtully Castle (Grantully Castle) GRANT-LEE Perth & Kinross
Harewood House (Gawthorpe Hall) (Harewood Castle), Yorkshire HARR-wood West Yorkshire
Harlaxton Manor HAR-lux-tun Lincolnshire
Herstmonceux Castle (Hurstmonceux Castle) HURSS-mun-soo East Sussex
Heveningham Hall (Heavingham Hall) HEN-ing-um Suffolk
Hever Castle HEE-vur Kent
Hidcote Manor HID-kut Gloucestershire
Highclere Castle HIGH-clear West Berkshire
Holker Hall HOOK-ur Cumbria
Holkham Hall (Hill Hall) HOKE-um Norfolk
Home House, London HYOOM or HOAM London
Houghton Hall, Norfolk HOW-tun Norfolk
Ightham Mote (Ightham Court) I-tum moat Kent
Ince Blundell Hall INSE blun-DULL Merseyside
Inveraray Castle (Inverary Castle) IN-ver-AIR-ee Argyll & Bute
Kailzie House KAY-LEE Scottish Borders
Kew Palace (The Dutch House) (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) KYOO London
Kingston Bagpuize House KINGS-tun BAG-pyooz Oxfordshire
Knebworth House NEB-wirth Hertfordshire
Knole, Kent NOLE Kent
Lanhydrock House lan-HY-drock Cornwall
Launceston Castle LAN-turn Cornwall
Leighton Hall, Lancashire LAY-tun Lancashire
Leighton House, London LAY-tun London
Leixlip Castle LEESS-lip Co. Kildare
Lewes Castle LEW-iss East Sussex
Lewes House LEW-iss East Sussex
Luton Hoo LOO-tun hoo Bedfordshire
Lyme Park (Lyme Hall) LIME Cheshire
Madresfield Court MADERS-FIELD Worcestershire
Melchet Court MEL-chet Hampshire
Mereworth Castle MERR-ee-worth Kent
Monzie Castle mu-NEE Perth & Kinross
Newhailes (Whitehill) (Broughton House) new-HALES East Lothian
Nostell Priory NOSS-tul West Yorkshire
Parham House (Parham Park), Sussex PAYR-um (like pear) West Sussex
Penicuik House (Newbiggin) PEN-ee-cook Midlothian
Pentillie Castle PEN-till-EE Cornwall
Peover Hall PEE-ver Cheshire
Plas Newydd, Isle of Anglesey PLASS NEU-id or PLASS NEU-ith Isle of Anglesey
Port Lympne (Belcaire) port LIM Kent
Powderham Castle POWDER-um Devon
Powis Castle (Pool, Poole, Pole Castle) (Castell Coch) (Red Castle) POW-iss Powys
Prideaux Place (Place House) prid-OH Cornwall
Raby Castle RAY-bee County Durham
Rokeby Hall (Rokeby Park), County Durham ROOK-bee County Durham
Rousham House (Rousham Park) ROW-shum ("row" as in a shouting match or bickering) Oxfordshire
Samares Manor SAM-a-RAY Jersey
Scone Palace SKOON Perth & Kinross
Sezincote (Sesincot) SEEZ-in-cut Gloucestershire
Shardeloes SHAR-dee-lows Buckinghamshire
Sizergh Castle SIZE-ur Cumbria
Somerleyton Hall SUMMER-LAY-tun Suffolk
Squerryes Court (Squerries Court) SQUARE-ease Kent
Sudeley Castle SOOD-lee (like "Sue") Gloucestershire
Thame Park TAME Oxfordshire
Theobalds (Theobalds Palace) TIBBALDS Hertfordshire
Theobalds Park TIBBALDS Hertfordshire
Thirlestane Castle, Scottish Borders THURL-STANE Scottish Borders
Traquair House truh-KWAIR Scottish Borders
Tredegar House (Tredergar Park) truh-DEE-gur Newport
Tyninghame House (Tyninghame Castle) TIN-ing-um East Lothian
Tyntesfield (Tyntes Place) TENTS-field North Somerset
Tyringham Hall TEER-ing-um Milton Keynes
Waddesdon Manor WADS-dun Buckinghamshire
Warwick Castle, Warwickshire WORR-ick Warwickshire
Warwick House, London WORR-ick London
West Wycombe Park west WICK-um Buckinghamshire
Witham Hall, Lincolnshire WIT-um Lincolnshire
Woburn Abbey WOE-burn Bedfordshire
Wollaton Hall WOOL-a-tun Nottinghamshire
Woodcote Park, Surrey WOOD-kt Surrey
Worcester Park WUS-tur Surrey
Wrotham Park ROOT-um London
Wynyard Park (Wynyard Hall) WIN-yard Stockton-on-Tees

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