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There are 24 different fields by which you can search for a house.  To perform a search in the Database, enter your search criteria in one or more of the fields below and click the "Submit" button, or press the "Enter" button on your keyboard.  The more fields in which you enter search criteria the more focused and narrow your search results will be; e.g., if you enter Scotland in the "Country" field, Scottish Borders in the "District Today" field, and Peebleshire in the "Historic County" field, the search results will come back with only two records; conversely, if you search only in the "Country" field and choose England, the search will come back with over 5,700 records.  

If you're searching for a house and you're sure of its name, there's no need to enter the "Country,"  "District Today," or any of the other search fields, as this may restrict your search results; simply enter the name of the house in the "House Name" field, and press "Submit."

The Help buttons below explain how to use the search fields and provide detailed ancillary information.
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It's best to always perform the widest possible search with the least criteria,
e.g., if you know the name of the house, enter only it, rather than "House Name," "Country," "Seat Info," etc. fields.  The other fields ("Country," "District Today," "Circa Date," etc.) are primarily designed to be used to search when little other information is available, or when you want to see all the houses in a particular district, or by a certain architect, etc.
Your search will also produce better results if you enter the minimum of the house name,
e.g., "Canons," rather than "Canons Ashby Hall."

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