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Stowe House, Buckinghamshire  England 
Buckinghamshire, England

Circa Date: 1676 core w/18th century alterations

Status: Fully Extant


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Circa Date
1676 core w/18th century alterations

The South Front

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The South Front
The North Front
South Vista
The Rotunda Interior

Designed   Temple of ancient Virtue, The Elysian Fields, and the Temple of British Worthies
Date   1730s

Designed   Final design of the South Front of the House
Date   1772-77
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

Designed   Lamport and Water Stratford Lodges; rebuilt Bellgate, remodeled Bourbon Tower; minor alterations to House for 2nd Duke of Buckingham
Date   1839-43

Designed   Additions to House, possibly including the North Portico, for 1st Viscount Cobham
Date   circa 1719-24

Designed   Gothic Library for 1st Marquess of Buckingham
Date   1805-06

Designed   Alterations to South Side of House for Viscount Cobham
Date   1731-35

Designed   Interiors of The State Gallery for 1st Viscount Cobham
Date   circa 1742
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

Designed   Office Ranges, Orangery
Date   18th century
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

Designed   House for Sir Richard Temple, Bt.
Date   1676

Designed   Rebuilt South Front for 1st Earl Temple
Date   1771

Designed   Redecorated State Bedroom and Dressing Room for Lord Temple
Date   1760

Designed   2 gateways on North Front of House for 1st Viscount Cobham
Date   circa 1740
Attribution of this work is uncertain.

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Country House:  Yes

Vitruvius Britannicus
Vitruvius Scoticus
J.B. Burke (Burke's Visitation of Seats)
Vol.I, p.96. 1852.
Country Life
XVII, 522. 1905. XXXV, 18, 54. 1914. CII, [526, 578, 626. Buildings in Park]. 1947. CVIII, 1002 [Temple]. 1950. CXXII, 68. 1957. CXXV, 352. 1959. CXL, 260. 1966. CXLV, 78 [Queen’s Temple]. 1969. CLI, 1416 [Gothic Temple]. 1972.
J.P. Neale (Neale's Views of Seats)
Vol.I. 1818.
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Current Ownership
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Current Ownership Use / Details
The House is owned by the Stowe House Preservation Trust, which leases it to Stowe School. Some rooms are open for limited hours. The National Trust owns the Park and grounds which are open regularly.

Seat ("Seat" is loosely defined as any family that occupied the house for a period of 2 years or more)
Today Seat of
A Past Seat(s) of
Grenville family. Temple family. Sir Richad Temple, later Viscount Cobham. Earl Temple. Marquess of Buckingham and Chandos. Richard Plantagenet Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, 19th century.
Possible (Unsure) Seat of
History / Gardens & Park / Movies

Earlier House(s) / Building(s)
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House & Family History
Sir Richard Temple (later Viscount Cobham), was one of Marlborough's generals and a war hero. He commissioned improvements at Stowe between 1715 and 1749 using his old friend John Vanbrugh and Charles Bridgeman as architects, though Bridgeman worked almost exclusively on the grounds. In the early 19th century the Marquess of Buckingham created an important new library at Stowe in the Gothick style to house his collection of medieval manuscripts. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Buckingham at Stowe in January 1845. In 1999 Stowe was proposed as a United Nations World Heritage Site. The Heritage Lottery Fund granted £5 million to help preserve the House as part of a £40 million restoration program, due to be completed in 2014. In 2003, as part of this restoration program, the restoration of the North Façade was completed. In 1744 the very first comprehensive guidebook to an English country seat was published; it was entitled "Description of the Gardens of Lord Viscount Cobham at Stow," and produced by a local man, Benton Seeley. A 1788 edition of the book is today in the collection of Stowe School. The Library at Buxted Place, Sussex contains an overmantel of circa 1735 from Stowe House.
Collections This field lists art objects that are currently or were previously in the collection of the house.

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A side table of ebonized mahogany and ivory with quatrefoil motifs designed by John Soane, probably made in London circa 1805 for the Gothic Library at Stowe, is now in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Sir John Soane acquired 6 antique gemstones from the Duke of Buckingham in 1834. A Worcester service made circa 1813 for Richard, 2nd Marquess of Buckingham, is today in the collection of Kykuit, the Rockefeller mansion in New York State. George Grenville of Stowe paid £400 in 1774 for a cameo bust of the Athenian general Phocion that had belonged to Cardinal Albani.

Gardens & Park
Garden, Park, Follies and Outbuildings
The gardens at Stowe are of international importance and contains some of the most famous garden layouts and follies in the world. Vanbrugh, Gibbs, Kent, and Leoni landscaped garden temples for Viscount Cobham between 1715 and 1749. The Elysian Fields, designed by William Kent during the 1730s, was one of the first “natural” gardens in England and is believed to have introduced the concept of “the English Garden.” Lancelot ''Capability'' Brown was the head gardener at Stowe for 10 years and was married at the church.
Chapel & Church

Location for Movies / TV
"The Avengers" (1998). "Proof of Life" (2000). "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…" (2001). "Buildings That Shaped Britain" (2006 - TV documentary series by Simon Thurley, episode 4, "The Country House").

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