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Addington Manor

  • Earlier Houses: There was an earlier manor house (the first house) on the site of the second (19th century) house.

    Built / Designed For: John Gellibrand Hubbard, 1st Baron Addington

    House & Family History: During World War II the third Addington Manor was the HQ of the Czech-in-exile intelligence service. It was here, with the assistance of the British Special Operations Executive, that the assassination of one of Germany's top Nazis was planned. Reinhard Heydrich, a principal architect of the Holocaust and the SS head of Bohemia and Moravia, was attacked on May 27, 1942 in Czechoslovakia and died from his wounds June 7, 1942.

    House Replaced By: The 19th century (second) house was demolished in 1926 and replaced by a new (third) house designed by Michael Waterhouse, which is extant.

  • Architect: Lancelot Brown

    Date: 18th century
    Designed: Landscaping for James Ivers-Trecothick

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    Architect: Philip Charles Hardwick

    Date: 1856-57
    Designed: Second house (demolished) for John Gellibrand Hubbard, 1st Baron Addington

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    Architect: Michael Theodore Waterhouse

    Date: 1926
    Designed: Third (current) house for Smith-Bingham family

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  • House Listed: Demolished

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • Past Seat / Home of: SEATED AT FIRST HOUSE: James Ivers-Trecothick, 18th century. SEATED AT SECOND HOUSE: John Gellibrand Hubbard, 1st Baron Addington, 19th century. SEATED AT THIRD (CURRENT) HOUSE: Smith-Bingham family, 20th century.

    Current Ownership Type: Demolished

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Demolished

  • House Open to Public: No

    Historic Houses Member: No