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Floors Castle (Fleurs Castle) (Roxburgh Castle)

  • Earlier Houses: The remains of the 12th century Roxburgh Castle is on the Floors Estate.

    Built / Designed For: 1st Duke of Roxburghe

    House & Family History: Believed to be the largest inhabited castle in Scotland, Floors was designed in the early 18th century by William Adam (father of the more-famous Robert Adam) for the 1st Duke of Roxburghe. It in the 19th century the 6th Duke engaged William Playfair to enlarge and embellish the Adam house with a multitude of spires and domes in the Scottish 16th century style. The final effect was breathtaking and made the Floors one of the most atmospheric houses in Britain. Often used as a film location, Floors' greatest role in that mode was as Greystoke Castle in 1984's "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes." Floors has hosted many important guests, including Queen Victoria in 1867. Anne, the sister of Lord Randolph Churchill (father of Winston), married the 6th Duke of Roxburghe, and, as a result, Randolph was a frequent visitor to Floors, as was his wife, Jennie. Floors provided a calm and peaceful environment where Randolph could escape from the cares of the world.

    Collections: The castle displays outstanding collections of French 17th and 18th century furniture, tapestries, Chinese and European porcelain, silver, and one of the celebrated series of 12 Savonnerie carpets commissioned by Louis XIV for the Galerie d'Apollon in the Louvre. Many of these treasures came to Floors from Duchess May, the American wife of the 8th Duke, who was a Goelet from New York. The great Gobelins tapestries from the Potières des Dieux series today at Floors once hung at Ochre Court, the Goelet house in Newport, Rhode Island. One of the most exclusive clubs in the world, and the world's oldest society of bibliophiles, The Roxburghe Club was founded in 1812 in honor of John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe, who died in 1804. The loss of the duke's huge and enormously important library (it held over 10,000 volumes) to a 46-day auction held between May and July 1812 was the spark for the formation of the club. Its membership is limited to 40, chosen from among those with distinguished libraries or collections, or with a scholarly interest in books. Each member is expected to sponsor the publication of a rare or curious volume. The club's collection is housed at the Society of Antiquaries at Burlington House in London. Two important giltwood tables today at Floors were once in the collection of Temple Newsam. A sale of some contents of Floors Castle was held by Christie's on September 17, 1990. In May of 1994 a burglar rowed across the Tweed in a dinghy, broke into the castle, and made off with £275,000 worth of jewelry.

  • Garden & Outbuildings: The summerhouse was built for Queen Victoria's visit in 1867. The Floors Estate today covers 52,000 acres.

  • Architect: William Adam Sr.

    Date: 1721-26
    Designed: House

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    Architect: William Henry Playfair the Younger

    Date: 1837-45
    Designed: Remodeled House

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  • House Listed: Category A

    Park Listed: Listed as a Garden & Designed Landscape

  • "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes" (1984 - as Greystoke Castle exteriors). "Treasure Hunt" (1988 - TV game show series, episode 6.7, "Scottish Borders"). "Interceptor" (1989 - TV game show). "Castle in the Country" (2008 - BBC TV documentary, series 4).
  • Current Seat / Home of: Charles Robert George Innes-Ker, 11th Duke of Roxburghe

    Past Seat / Home of: John Ker, 1st Duke of Roxburghe, 1726-41; Robert Ker, 2nd Duke of Roxburghe, 1741-55; John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe, 1755-1804; William Bellenden-Ker, 4th Duke of Roxburghe, 1804-05; James Innes-Ker, 5th Duke of Roxburghe, 1805-23; James Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe, 1823-79; James Henry Robert Innes-Ker, 7th Duke of Roxburghe, 1879-92; Henry John Innes-Ker, 8th Duke of Roxburghe, 1892-1932; George Victor Robert John Innes-Ker, 9th Duke of Roxburghe, 1932-74; Guy David Innes-Ker, 10th Duke of Roxburghe, 1974-2019.

    Current Ownership Type: Individual / Family Trust

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Private Home

  • House Open to Public: Yes

    Phone: 01573-227-660

    Fax: 01573-226-056

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: https://www.floorscastle.com/

    Historic Houses Member: Yes


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