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Curt’s richly illustrated and history drenched lectures are unique. His ability to share entertaining stories of art, architecture, family history, animals, humor, and love is unparalleled. With an infectious enthusiasm, Curt educates the listener with his encyclopedic knowledge, sets information in context, and shares interesting anecdotes that makes history come alive. He truly provides something for everybody!

Classical Shindig

Amateur Artistry From Two New Orleans Gentlemen

A Free Online Lecture
Presented by Michael Harold & Quinn Peeper
Hosted by Curt DiCamillo
January 5, 2024
4:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Photo by Randy Krause Schmidt / Outdoor Book Club


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Imagine: Rock ‘n Roll, Movie Stars & the British Country House

A Free Online Lecture
Presented by Adrian Tinniswood
Hosted by Curt DiCamillo
January 12, 2024
1:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Photo by Saffron Blaze / Wikipedia


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American Versailles: Philadelphia’s Lynnewood Hall

The 6th Annual NYC DiCamillo Rendezvous

An In-Person Lunch & Lecture at New York’s Colony Club
Presented by Curt DiCamillo
January 18, 2024
12:00 PM Eastern Time USA
$95 per person, which includes lunch and lecture.

Photo by Ty / Wikipedia


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The Revival of the British Country House

A Free Online Lecture
Presented by Ben Cowell
Hosted by Curt DiCamillo
February 9, 2024
1:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Photo by Ben Cowell


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Curt’s lectures are presented by American Ancestors

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Past lectures and classes on British art, architecture, history, and culture.

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An excellent presentation! Mr. DiCamillo is a gifted presenter who brought me an hour-and-a-half of pure pleasure through his narrative and accompanying photographs. A thousand thank yous!
Curt's fascinating, comprehensive, and tightly constructed presentations have just the right soupçons of curious facts and origins to send the participants away with a hunger for more!
The time went so very quickly! This was my first DiCamillo lecture and it won't be my last! Thank you!
Curt's knowledge and passion for places of great beauty make his presentations essential viewing.
Curt never lets us down! From the glorious information to the fascinating presentations to his choice of descriptive words that say so much. He has an extraordinary gift!
Curt is a fabulous presenter...can hardly wait to see what his next topic will be. He is so generous with his love of history, art and architecture...enriching me and others with all he knows.
I was ready for a nap (after my lunch) when I first tuned into this webinar...but Curt is such a good presenter that I got my energy back up and listened to the end!
Every time I hear Curt lecture it makes me feel better!
Wow—that was fantastic. So interesting and Curt is so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Loved it!
Mr. DiCamillo has a very pleasing tone of voice and delivery. He draws in interesting information and observations and provides good links to other relevant places/artistic elements.
Professional, knowledgeable, full of historic facts and beautiful photos. Curt DiCamillo is the best!
I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed Curt's classes on country houses. The format, dividing the places by style in chronological order, is truly helpful for us. And, as always, Curt's presentations are most appealing: scholarly without snootiness, passionate without gushing, and pervaded by his great love for, and knowledge of, these places and their contents.
As always, Curt DiCamillo is an outstanding speaker—engaging, very well organised, and ready with a particularly beautiful collection of images. Many thanks!
Curt always presents beautiful photos that enhance his stories. It makes you feel like you are there with him! THANK YOU!
Curt DiCamillo is a god among speakers and tour guides!
Curt is an outstanding, dynamic, and knowledgeable presenter. He could speak on Tang and it would be interesting. Please keep these lectures coming!
Since the pandemic struck, and I’ve not been able to travel, I’ve been participating in webinars presented by some of the most prominent and prestigious cultural institutions in America. Curt's class that I attended yesterday on the art, architecture, and collections of British country houses beat them all. It was by far the best I’ve experienced.
Curt is a cross between Kenneth Clark and James Lees-Milne, but with much more verve and warmth.
I've listened to dozens of webinars and lectures and want to applaud Curt as being one of the absolute BEST presenters I've experienced. He educates the listener, sets information in context, shares interesting anecdotes about the houses and the families who owned and/or lived in them, which makes the history come alive. Those of us lucky enough to subscribe to one of his seminars or tours are fortunate indeed.
Curt's presentations have gotten us through this endless pandemic. His presentations are always fascinating, lively, and full of scholarship combined with whimsy. A remarkable combination.
Curt is a national—no, an INTERnational—treasure!
The sympathetic YouTube algorithmic gods came to my rescue when I discovered Curt's lecture on Robert Adam! Utterly, utterly fascinating with superb pictures! I can't wait to watch his other lectures.
Curt can always be depended on to give thoughtful, vivacious, visual lectures that cover so many different types of interesting information. Art, architecture, history, biography, animals, humor, books, love, and betrayal. Always something for everybody! And the quantity, variety, and well captioned photos are always better than anyone else's!
I always enjoy Curt so much. His enthusiasm is infectious, and while the photos dazzle my eyes, his approach to the topic brings a smile to my lips.
I can’t get enough of these online lectures. Please do more!
Curt is fabulous, as always. I can't wait to take his tours when travel becomes possible again.
Because I've enjoyed Curt's lectures so much, I've signed up for his three-part series on British country houses. I can't wait...
Curt is an engaging, informative, and fun speaker. Possibly the best I've ever heard.
It is always a delight to share Curt's enthusiastic love for his work and his encyclopedic knowledge!
Curt is a gift beyond measure. The subject matter, coupled with his knowledge, confidence, presentational style, and humorous asides kept me enraptured. Thanks for making this sober day a delight.
What a joy to see all this beauty...thank you, Curt, and your educated, elegant taste!
As a classicist, I often find history after 330 AD tedious. What a glorious discovery to find Curt's programs and his approach to history. He combines the grainy details with the big picture...never forgetting context. He's also extremely funny and I love his cat!
Curt is a great presenter. The topic moves right along and is interesting all the way. I've attended other webinars where the speakers stumble and are just reading the material. Bravo, Curt!
Curt's lectures are just superb! He is an excellent teacher—his observations are clear and his opinions perfectly judged.
I have watched Curt's lectures repeatedly and have learnt so much. He is just a great pleasure to listen to.
Everything Curt talks about keeps me enraptured!
I know the English don’t tend to gush, but I have to say that I was absolutely enthralled by Curt's presentation. His delivery, the construction of the lecture, and the pitch were all perfect. He never spoke down, gave just the right amount of background information, and had such a lovely, informative, and relaxed manner.
Curt's ability to distill beauty and mix it with entertaining stories is unparalleled.
I have been to many of the galleries and castles in England that were featured in this presentation, but I think Mr. DiCamillo gave the best presentation of any I have heard. Thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. Bravo!
Curt is the ultimate speaker—knowledgeable and down to earth at the same time. Very well done!
Curt's lectures during Covid helped us so! Sanity amongst insanity! Hope to travel with Curt—his passion brings history alive.
Curt's enthusiasm for his topics is infectious. Listening to his lectures has been a bright spot for me in the pandemic.
Curt is the best. Wicked cool!
I can no longer travel due to a disability—these talks are the closest thing to travel for me and are much appreciated.
Curt's knowledge is astounding. His passion and love is evident in everyone of his webinars. He is always interesting and always a pleasure.
Curt DiCamillo could read the phone book and make it entertaining! His wit, enthusiasm, and good humor are a nice counterpoint to the scholarly subject matter.

William Waldorf Astor

American Tycoon to English Lord

The richest man in the world.

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Take a cruise through some of Curt’s past lectures on British art, history, and culture.

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